Welcome to my little slice of the Internet. Little indeed, I do not keep much of a presence here. But I do quite enjoy using technology to solve problems in elegant ways. I work in Linux environments and mostly program in Python. Checkout my GitHub and LinkedIn links along the left for more information. I also quite like testing human ability with endurance sports and day dreaming about whether we exist in a computer simulation and about the pros and cons of voluntarily entering into a computer simulation.

Notable GitHub links

Just one for now, but, I recently starting keeping an on going cheatsheet of things I use pretty often, it can be found here.

What have I been up to?

I have not had this web page for too long, so, this list is not too extensive, but it is to be a living document cutting off at the beginning of each new year.



  • Python scripting
  • data integrations and ETL
  • MongoDB optimization
  • working on a quickly evolving and quickly scaling big data platform
  • Apache Mesos
  • some Apache Spark and Scala
  • marketing automation
  • seeing if I can learn more about stats

2014 - 2015

  • Python scripting
  • customizing data analytics with business rules written in Python
  • Linux administration
  • MongoDB deployments, scaling, and administration
  • marketing automation

< 2014

  • I'd love to have memory that served be this well, but I have a few points
  • considered venturing into IT Law
  • studied how to use IT for business
  • taught myself a lot about software development and Linux